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Macau Trip 2009 Day 1

After 2 weeks of delay, I think I better start something about my trip to Macau, otherwise, everything will be disappeared from my memory. So, first of all, what is the purpose of this trip? Yes, I have a purpose where ever I go, this happen to Macau also. Actually my reason is simple, if you read my post, you should know that I like  history heritage and Macau is one of the sites that listed by UNESCO as the world heritage, so me and my wife decided to go there this year. In fact, I wanted to go to Angkor Wat in the first place, but due to the flight ticket availability, we can  only go to Macau first. Anyway, I am planning for Angkor Wat next time. 🙂

Ok, without further delay, let’s start our Macau journey.

Basically, below was my Macau trip schedule that my wife and I planned together:

Day 1: KL-Macau-ZhuHai

Day 2: ZhuHai-ShenZhen

Day 3: ShenZhen

Day 4: ShenZhen-Macau

Day 5: Macau

Day 6: Macau-KL

By the way, in case you don’t know where is KL, it is Kuala Lumpur. I am living in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. And if you notice the schedule above, we actually went to ZhuHai and ShenZhen because they are near to each other. We departed from KL at 3.35pm local time and reached Macau at 7.30pm. Don’t ask me why my flight was so late, it was supposed to be 1pm but my flight was postponed. :<

Anyway, by the time we reached Macau, it was already 7.30pm, close to 8pm actually. After checked out, we took a bus, which cost about 4.20 MOP dollar each person to the GongBei  Port to go into ZhuHai. The reason why we went to ZhuHai the same night was because that day was Friday and the hotel charges for Friday night in Macau was too expensive, so we decided to go to ZhuHai and stay there, it was much more cheaper by the way. If I am not mistaken, the hotel charges for Friday night in Macau is more than 500 MOP, whereas it was only RMB 220 in ZhuHai. If you calculate by yourself, it is almost double, or even triple to stay in Macau during weekend.

Another reason was because the boat fee to ShenZhen from ZhuHai is cheaper than you travel from Macau, so ZhuHai was obviously our first choice. Below is the photo of the GongBei Port:


Hahaha, who’s the handsome guy inside there? Ehh, cannot see his face, how do you know he is handsome??? Just joking, I will show my real face later. Anyway, my background is the GongBei Port from Macau to ZhuHai, tell you what, the crowd over there was so scary, I never see so many people before.

Let’s continue, after we entered into ZhuHai, we stayed in one of the hotel that just beside GongBei Port. The hotel name is Jing Kou Ann Hotel. You can see here:


Sorry, I forgot to take the hotel photo at night, this is the photo in the morning. Anyway, after we checked into the hotel, we went around to look for restaurant to save our stomach, it was around 9pm there, but the surroundings were still very crowded. Below are some photos taken that night:






We went for dinner in Kung Fu restaurant, it was a Chinese fast food in China. After dinner, we walked around and bought a belt and shirt. We went back to hotel that night quite early because of tiredness. So that’s all for day 1 actually, nothing special. 🙂

Oh by the way, below was the expenses we spent on the first day:

Airfare: RM 702 for 2 person

Bus in Macau: 10 MOP (Including bag)

Hotel: RMB 220

Dinner: RMB 54

7Eleven (Surprise): RMB 6 for 2 bottle of Honey Drink

So, that’s all for day 1, stay stuned for day 2. 🙂

Note: MOP = Macau Dollar; RMB = RenMinBi (China Dollar); RM = Ringgit Malaysia

Posted by KG on 26 April, 2009

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