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Recent Vacation – Macau/Zhu Hai/Shen Zhen

Yup, I just came back from a holiday with my lovely wife from Macau. Since it is near to Zhu Hai and Shen Zhen, we decided to go there as well.

Well, it is a 6 days holiday, we will prepare all our holiday story and upload here asap to share with anyone who is interested to go there.

Stay tuned 🙂

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Posted by KG on 13 April, 2009
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  1. 04/22/2009

    Hi, Sir, Can you let me know the easy and economy way to go from Macau. I intend to go for 2 places Zhuhai and shenzhen from Macau. Can you lead me the simple way? thank you.

  2. 04/23/2009

    Sure, give me some time to tidy up my information 🙂
    By the way, when are you going?

  3. 05/18/2009


    I am going macau and shen zhen on July. Intially plan was macau, zhu hai and shen zhen 4 days trip but it seems a bit rush so end up i stick to macau and shen zhen. May i know which way shall i take from macau to zhen zhen, by bus ( from gond bei, zhu hai to luo hu bus station) or by ferry (macau to she kou custom). I am planning to stay at LUO HU.

  4. 05/19/2009

    Hi MK, let me show you the path I took.
    Macau -> Zhu Hai (Gong Bei) -> (By Bus) Jiu Zhou Gang Ma Tou -> (By ferry) Shen Zhen – She Kou Ma Tou. This method will save money, it costs about RMB 95 per pax from Jiu Zhou Gang to Shen Zhen. It took about an hour.
    If you go from Macau to She Kou custom by ferry, it costs MOP170++ (if I remember correctly), it takes about an hour.
    If you go from Macau to Shen Zhen by bus (from Zhu Hai to Luo Hu), it takes about 2 hours, quite long.
    So, which one you like?

    You can refer to or for more detail.

  5. 10/5/2009

    Hi, I’m go to Macau end of Oct. May i know the duration from macau go to zhuhai by bus ? where to take the bus ? I will stay at Hotel Royal at macau.

  6. 10/18/2009

    Hi, sorry for the late response, I have been busy with project and currently in Singapore. Anyway, to go to ZhuHai from Macau, it is pretty fast, around 15minutes to go from Macau border to ZhuHai border, in fact, you can take bus to the border of Macau/ZhuHai. If I am not mistaken, Hotel Royal provides shuttle bus to the border side of Macau/Zhuhai.

  7. 04/27/2011
    Teoh Lee

    Hi, i’m going to Shen Zhen mid of May, May I know the duration fron Shen Zhen to Zhu Hai? Where to take the bus or ferry?

  8. 06/14/2011

    Take ferry is faster.

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