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What I did last weekend

Hahaha, finally I have time now to write something about my last weekend activity.

So, what have I done?

I went back to my hometown, which is Malacca. Yes, Malacca, the one that listed by UNESCO as World cultural heritage. I love historical heritage stuff, that’s the reason why I went to Bangkok in 2006 and Macau recently to visit their heritage sites. I will post some photos about the trip later.

By the way, I went back to my hometown to see my daughter, she is 1++ year old now. Ya, both my wife and I missed her so much because we haven’t seen her for 3 weeks since the last returned in early April for the ‘Ching Ming’ festival.

She is getting prettier and cuter, I can’t imagine when she grow up, how would she look like? 🙂

Oh, one thing, she looks exactly like me when I was a baby 😛 So, you can imagine my face, right?

Take a look on her, isn’t she so cute?

My Baby

21 Apr 2009