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Manchester United vs Malaysia XI Game 2

The game in Indonesia was canceled due to the incident that had happened on 17th July, so Manchester United decided to have another game played in Malaysia again. That was just fantastic for me because it was a life time opportunities for me to watch MU game twice in a week. Without much thinking, I quickly bought the ticket and went for the game again on 20th July.

Since it was a working day, I reached there about 6pm but I was not the early bird, in fact, the stadium has been filled with people sitting at the nice seat already. Too bad for me but I still managed to get some decent seat. Oh, by the way, I got myself a new 55-250mm lens which can zoom in more further to see the detail.

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29 Jul 2009

Manchester United vs Malaysia XI Game 1

Finally, it was the game between my favorite team, Manchester United against Malaysia XI at Bukit Jalil. The crowd was just fantastic, more than 85,000 fans turned up. I had to go there earlier in order to get a nice view.

I reached about 1.30pm in the afternoon and guess what, a lot of people was already there queueing at the entrace, my godness. Look at the photos below, the crowd was just amazing. By the way, there was a booth setup selling Manchester United shirt and souvenir, I bought few T-Shirts f0r myself and my wife. 🙂

The score for the game was 3-2, tell you what, I couldn’t believe Malaysia team was able to score 2 goals, that’s just surprise for everyone. Whenever some one scored, the fans just shouted like nobody business, yeah, it was really nobody business!!!

Oh, one more thing, when Michael Owen was introduced in the 2nd half, the crowd was even crazier with everyone shouting ‘Owen, Owen, Owen’. Hahaha, can you see how powerful when someone from your competitor joins your team??? 😀

Anyway, enjoy my photos here, sorry again for the lousy lens, I just could not zoom into further enough to see the detail.

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29 Jul 2009

Manchester United Training Day

I was at Bukit Jalil Stadium on 17th July to see my favorite team, Manchester United. It was the training day for MU before they played the game on the following day. The crowd on that day was marvelous, more than 50,000 fans were inside the stadium. Even thought it wasn’t full, but the atmosphere was fantastic and everyone there was enjoying themselves very much.

I was late, so I had just managed to get a seat at the corner, but hey, don’t worry, it was not the confirmed seat. Anyone with the ticket can sit anywhere they want, so as long I can see my team and the player, I am ok. 🙂

Below are the photos I took on that day, but too bad, my 18-55mm lens could not go further to zoom anymore.

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29 Jul 2009

Painful Night

Oh ya, it was really a painful night for me last night.

Why? Why so painful?

Because Manchester United lost in the Final, giving out the Champion won last year to Barcelona. 🙁

We will definitely remember this and we will definitely come back stronger next year.

29 May 2009

Manchester United is Coming To Town…

At last, after few years of waiting, Manchester United is coming to Kuala Lumpur again. In fact, they should be here last year, but due to the Asian game (mm… if I am not mistaken), they could not make it here. Anyway, some information about this game in KL. MU team will be playing with our national team on 18th July 2009 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. The game will kick off at 5.30pm local time here.

The organizer recently announced that the ticket will be available to public on 1st June, but there is a pre-sales period from 22nd to 31st May and everyone who purchase the ticket within this period will have the chance to visit MU team training session in KL. So, what do you think I will do? :P. Yeah, I bought the ticket last Friday morning (22nd May). 😀

According to the official, there were more than 15,000 of tickets sold on 22nd May itself, what’s an impressive number. And the best part is, some of the MU fans were even queueing from 8 o’clock in the morning to buy the ticket!!! Hahaha, MU fans are really kiasu ohhh. Not forget to mention that the ticket price is not expensive also, it start from as low as RM28 (for student), RM58, RM68, RM98 and up to RM308 for VIP. See the seating plan below for the different pricing zone.

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I have purchased two RM98 tickets, one for my wife and one for me. Below is our tickets:

24 May 2009

MU is the Champion Again!!!

Finally, I have some time to blog again. It has been a busy week for me, I have been tied up with some projects and works. Guess what? Next week will be busy week as well, in fact, I will be busied this weekend.

First, my wife and I will be attending my sister-in-law’s wedding signing ceremony in the famous temple in KL. I will be the temporary photographer :P. After that, I will be heading down to my office and Digital Mall in PJ to buy some computer stuff for my project. Then, at night I will be watching MU game (of course) again. While watching the game, I need to prepare my seminar slides which will be happened next Tuesday in KL Hilton. On Sunday very early morning (I think should be 3am, dunno whether can wake up or not 😛 ), I will be heading to Broga Hill to take some sun rise photos with my friend. Quite busy, right? Anyway, I will try to enjoy it as much as possible 🙂 .

And oh yeah, before I forget, MU MU MU, Champion Champion Champion. 😀 Yeah I know, it is already like a week time of news but I AM STILL VERY HAPPY that MU won Premier League Champion again!!! Yahooooo…..

I watched the game last week and it was really a nervous game until referee blow the final whistle, and from there onwards, everyone happy. Sir Alex, MU team players, fans, all are happy. 😀 Now, the next mission, Champion League Final on 27th May, very excited now. Anyway, I wish MU all the best and may MU bring the Champion back again…


22 May 2009

Once Again and Finally

Once again, Manchester United produced one of the stunning performance last night against Arsernal in the Champion League Semi-Final. Both Ji-Sung Park and Ronaldo scored three times before Van Persie scored a penalty in the Emirates Stadium. That’s mean WE ARE ON THE WAY TO ROME….. 😀


Unfortunately, Fletcher got a red card and that’s mean he will miss the final in Rome. That’s is really hurt because he has been one of the key member in almost of the key games. If you look at the replay again, you will see that he did touch the ball before Fabregas went down. I really feel sorry for him.

Anyway, I am very happy that MU has won the game and I cannot wait to watch the Final on 27th May.

7 May 2009

MU MU MU Yeah…

In case you are still wondering what is this MU, let me tell you.

MU == Manchester United

So if anyone is following soccer, they should know that, MU Won in the Quarter Final game of Champion League against Porto.

Yeah Yeah Yeah… I am a MU Fan and I will always be.

So, who’s the next victim?

16 Apr 2009