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Broga Hill

2 weeks ago, my colleague and I went to Broga Hill, somewhere near to Semenyih. We went there around 4am in the morning, yes, you are right, 4am EARLY in the morning. All together there were 11 people, which including some of my collegue’s friend. The reason why we were there so early is because we want to take some photos on sun rise, but unfortunately, there were no sun on that day 🙁 . It was a tired trip because I have been stopped exercise for very long time and we have to climbed up all the way to the peak to take the photo, imagine, you were carrying your heavy backpack (camera, water, food, etc) and the torch light, everything in the dark, climb from the nowhere to the top.

Here are some tips if you want to climb a hill in the early morning:

– Make sure you sleep before you climb, basically mean make sure you rest properly.

– Don’t eat too much before the trip, otherwise half way you will vomit 🙂

– Bring a good and strong torch light, some chocolates and light food, of course, do not forget your water!!!

As usual, enjoy the photos and feel free to comment.

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Posted by KG on 3 June, 2009

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