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Manchester United vs Malaysia XI Game 1

Finally, it was the game between my favorite team, Manchester United against Malaysia XI at Bukit Jalil. The crowd was just fantastic, more than 85,000 fans turned up. I had to go there earlier in order to get a nice view.

I reached about 1.30pm in the afternoon and guess what, a lot of people was already there queueing at the entrace, my godness. Look at the photos below, the crowd was just amazing. By the way, there was a booth setup selling Manchester United shirt and souvenir, I bought few T-Shirts f0r myself and my wife. 🙂

The score for the game was 3-2, tell you what, I couldn’t believe Malaysia team was able to score 2 goals, that’s just surprise for everyone. Whenever some one scored, the fans just shouted like nobody business, yeah, it was really nobody business!!!

Oh, one more thing, when Michael Owen was introduced in the 2nd half, the crowd was even crazier with everyone shouting ‘Owen, Owen, Owen’. Hahaha, can you see how powerful when someone from your competitor joins your team??? 😀

Anyway, enjoy my photos here, sorry again for the lousy lens, I just could not zoom into further enough to see the detail.

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Posted by KG on 29 July, 2009

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