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About Who

This is the place for me to share about life. Ya, LIFE, what is that? Sound interesting. 🙂

Who am I?

Ya, who am I actually? :0

– I am in my early 30’s

– I am a Malaysian

– I am taken with a beautiful wife and daughter (Yes, I have a daughter)

– I work as a IT Security Consultant (Yeah, consult people, ok? Not insult people)

– I enjoy traveling (I want to travel around the world one day 🙂 )

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  1. 08/3/2009

    bro… sorry to barge in at ur blog.
    im beginning to luv photography.
    looking for a second hand too….
    prefer canon or nikon…actualyl brand does not really matter
    im not a pro though haha.. do u know where can i fine second had?

    thanks a million bro….tc good day

  2. 08/4/2009

    No problem, if you are looking for second hand, you can try at some of sites like, (Look for kakimart at the bottom), A lot of people selling their camera there.

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