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Do You Serious About Anything?

Do you serious about what you are doing?

This is a question that pop up in my mind when I was driving. Yes, I am not suppose to think so much and focus on driving but my mind just could not control. Anyway, after I got this question, I asked myself, do I?

It seems like I have been quite relax or may be complacent recently and have been lazy to do thing seriously. Or perhaps I never serious before? :D. That’s really a BIG question mark to myself, but hey, if you really think about it seriously, we as a human, should take thing seriously. Put it this way, if you do not take thing seriously, we will not be able to achieve what we want, is that right?

So question to myself and the rest of the world:

– Do I take my health seriously?

– Do I take my family seriously?

– Do I take my work or career seriously?

– Do I take my financial seriously?

– Or Most Important: Do I take my LIFE seriously?

1 Apr 2010