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My DSLR Camera

Finally, I got my DSLR camera few days ago. It is a second hand Canon 400D with 18-55mm kit lens.  Yes, it is second hand, not a new one. Reason? Simple, because I am a beginner without much experience with DSLR camera. So in stead of getting a new camera, I decided to take my friend’s advice to go for a second hand DSLR. Once I have a better skill and $$$, then only I will get myself a new good DSLR camera. So as a starter, second hand Canon 400D is a perfect choice for me.

Below are some photos taken by my Olympus Digital Camera:





Oh, by the way, you may wonder why I buy another camera since I already have Olympus Digital Camera, right? I think the most important reason is that Digital Camera can’t really take a good quality photo. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Digital Camera is not good, just that I need a better camera to take better quality photo. Another reason is probably the shutter speed of the camera, my current Digital Camera is very slow in term of the shutter speed, so DSLR is the better one in this area. Third reason, and I think should be the final reason, I like to take landscape and night photo, so DSLR meet my requirement perfectly.

Posted by KG on 5 May, 2009
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  1. 05/18/2009

    Care to share at what price you get it and at which shop?

  2. 05/19/2009

    I get it at RM1.2K second hand. πŸ™‚

  3. 05/26/2009

    Im looking for 2nd DSLR camera too coz im also a beginer in to this field.. can u please advice me the best place to get 2nd camera in town ( Klang Valley )

  4. 05/27/2009

    Came across your site through google haha.
    Anyways I just wanted to say that the EOS 400D is a great camera for a beginner!

    I am currently using the same camera myself and I love the quality (:
    Through my photography I’ve been able to do some photoshoots, and also earn money through doing shoots with clients πŸ˜€

    great move indeed (:
    Wish you the best!


  5. 05/28/2009

    Hi Dazs, you can check out those forum like, (Look for Kakimart at the bottom) and (look for Buy/Sell Photography section). These are the place that a lot of people selling their second hand gadget.

  6. 05/28/2009

    Hi LK, thanks for the wish. πŸ™‚ I love my new gadget as well, hopefully I can improve my photography skill and earn money like you (not my initial intention, just love take photo).

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