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Manchester United Training Day

I was at Bukit Jalil Stadium on 17th July to see my favorite team, Manchester United. It was the training day for MU before they played the game on the following day. The crowd on that day was marvelous, more than 50,000 fans were inside the stadium. Even thought it wasn’t full, but the atmosphere was fantastic and everyone there was enjoying themselves very much.

I was late, so I had just managed to get a seat at the corner, but hey, don’t worry, it was not the confirmed seat. Anyone with the ticket can sit anywhere they want, so as long I can see my team and the player, I am ok. 🙂

Below are the photos I took on that day, but too bad, my 18-55mm lens could not go further to zoom anymore.

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Posted by KG on 29 July, 2009

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