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Do You Serious About Anything?

Do you serious about what you are doing?

This is a question that pop up in my mind when I was driving. Yes, I am not suppose to think so much and focus on driving but my mind just could not control. Anyway, after I got this question, I asked myself, do I?

It seems like I have been quite relax or may be complacent recently and have been lazy to do thing seriously. Or perhaps I never serious before? :D. That’s really a BIG question mark to myself, but hey, if you really think about it seriously, we as a human, should take thing seriously. Put it this way, if you do not take thing seriously, we will not be able to achieve what we want, is that right?

So question to myself and the rest of the world:

– Do I take my health seriously?

– Do I take my family seriously?

– Do I take my work or career seriously?

– Do I take my financial seriously?

– Or Most Important: Do I take my LIFE seriously?

1 Apr 2010

What Date is Today?

Eh.. What date is today? OMY, it is December now, so fast…

Time flies, I have been busy with my work lately (yeah, really lately), only now have the time and “MOOD” to write something here. Anyway, it is a good start for me.

Since I just “restarted”, perhaps changing a new theme is good. Enjoy… 🙂

16 Dec 2009

Anything’s Possible, Keep Thinking.

Anything Possible,Keep Thinking

I saw this statement on one of the websites last night and it really blew me up. Yes, what it said is that if you keep thinking about what you want, you will get it eventually. That was the main reason why I was able to finish 3 presentation slides last night alone. Initially, I was having difficulty to come out with an idea, but after I saw this statement, it was kinds of boosting up my energy and confidence level and that carried me until I finished my slides. So, how about you? 🙂

23 Jul 2009

How Much is Responsibility?

I want to know roughly how much is responsibility? Can I buy it?

Recently when I worked with some of my engineers in the office, I noticed that they seems like lacking the sense of responsibility. That’s the reason why I want to know how much to buy responsibility. As an engineer, when you are handling a project, you are RESPONSIBLE to understand the whole project inside out. Do not just take things for granted.

I have been an engineer before, so I know how important is responsibility. If you are not a responsible person, you will do things without much preparation, you will do things without much thinking, you will do things without without any care (mean you don’t f*** care).

So guys, please always be prepared and take FULL RESPONSIBILITY.

6 May 2009

What is Success All About?

I have a friend, whom I have been knowing him for almost 20 years. Just recently, he invited me to his insurance company annual dinner, which he will be presented with the top award that he has been working on for the past few years. In fact, it has been quite some time since the last time my wife and I meet him, may be 2 months, I guess. Anyway, when he saw us that night, he was so happy and grateful that we attended his dinner. We were given a booklet with all the winners’ name and photo in it, of course, my friend was there too. Not one award, in fact, it was few, actually.

We were brought by him to the dinner table that his parent and his sister were there too. Yes, I know his family, old friend, right?  So we chit chat a bit. When it was my friend’s time to go up the stage to receive award, his parent went up to present the flower to him and suddenly, I felt very pround of him. As a man, when you have been working so hard for your success and it get recognize, you will feel very happy.

So the question pop up in my mind, what is success all about? How do you define success?

A lot of people say that having a lot of money mean success, some other people may say driving a big car is success, or some other people may say that by becoming a boss is a success. Whatever it is, for me, success mean alot, it means:

– You work very hard for something and get recognize.

– You respect by everyone.

– You have a lot of friends.

– You are very knowledgeable in your area of expertise.

– You have a wonderful family.

– You have your own career.

– You have wisdom.

– You are very healthy (This is important!!!).

So, these are some of the things that I can think of in term of success, how about you?

28 Apr 2009

Again??? Detail Please…

Aha….. So what are you guessing? Ya, you are right, learning time. 😛

Just another lesson for everyone from my boss, yes, lesson every Friday, how about that?

So, the lesson today is the amazing word

Detail… Detail… Detail…Whatever you do, please be MORE detail, specific.

What I noticed about every successful people is that they tend to very specific and detail in whatever they are doing. So is this going to bring any success to me if I follow it? Let’s try it out.

So next time whenever and whatever I do, I will be very very very specific and detail because I WANT TO SUCCESS.

26 Apr 2009

My Way of Thinking

Calm, calm, calm. This is the key thing about my way of thinking.

Yes, it is the way of MY own thinking. When I want to think something, I will try to calm down. When I am calm, idea will start to flow in.

In fact, only recently, I noticed that if I am frustrated with something, I will not be able to think anymore, it means also, my emotion affect my way of thinking which indirectly affect my decision as well.

Good, good sign for 2009. 🙂

21 Apr 2009

Think TWICE…

Everyday is a learning day. We can learn from anything, not only from the book.

I have learned something today because of one incident happened in my work. As many may know, when something happen in the opposite side of your wish, what will you do? Most of the people will frustrated and some of the people may take it easy, but have you ever thought of learning anything from what happen to you?

Ok, so what I have learned today is, whatever happen, think TWICE MANY TIMES before you do anything, including take any action and say anything. Any comments?

16 Apr 2009